About Us

Ivy Hill Middletown Preschool is ...

A very special place for your child.  Your child is a person with unique characteristics of his or her own.  At our state licensed facility, we emphasize our concentration on the positive characteristics of each Ivy Hill student.

Our program stresses enrichment, critical thinking and social skills from Toddlers to PreK.  It involves both teacher and child centered activities.  Our program is designed so that children can learn and grow from the beginning.


The children enjoy a variety of interests and discovery center activities which are designed to allow children to be creative, arouse curiosity and allow them to explore and problem solve. Children develop the attitude that learning is fun.


At our center you can expect consistent quality care, that means peace of mind for you.  We accommodate your schedule by opening early in the morning and closing late in the evening.


We  won a grant from the Monmouth Conservation Foundation!


We are also proud to announce that we have won the  "Safety 1st Education" award from Markel Insurance Co.



Upcoming Events:
We are now accepting limited registrations for Fall 2020
Men and Women in Uniform Receive 10% off tuition.
Ivy Hill is Academic Excellence in A Family Environment.

We are now accepting registration for all our Programs. We have exciting themes and activities the children will enjoy! Weekly themes and fun projects are some of the things your child can look forward to.  We can't wait to have fun with you!

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